Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm so grateful for my classy Mom and the example she always set of having a clean and beautiful home, yummy meals and a home filled with love.
I can remember many times when we would get ready for Church, Dad would whistle at all of us and tell us he'd have to take our pictures before we could go. It always made me feel so special and I new my Dad thought my mom was beautiful and us girls too!
My sisters, Sheryl and Jolynne, are great examples of being mothers to me as well as my sister-in-law,Linda. Especially now that Mom is gone, I look to them for guidance and ideas.
My sweet Mom-in-law, Carolyn, is like a Mom to me and I love her dearly. Her unconditional love,patience and wisdom have helped me have insight about my own family. She loves the grandkids and will do just about anything to celebrate their lives and successes. She is the glue that keeps our family together. Thanks Carolyn, I love you!
I have watched my own daughter, Aubry, become a mother and I think a much better one than I am in so many ways. She has been blessed with so many talents and gifts that will bless the life of her children. I'm amazed at her patience, her insight, her sense of peace in chaos, and a deep love for her husband and my grand-daughter, Mya. I love you, Aubry. You teach me daily, how to be a better Mom.
Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful ladies in my life who have changed my life for the better just because I've known you. I love you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back On The Map

Just love this boy-McKay keeps us laughing!
Yes, we survived Spring Break in Disneyland!
The Smith Family Easter Picnic--indoors this year. Thanks Craig for a great garage.

Mya and Grams just lovin' life.

I don't know why all of the sudden I just quit blogging. Maybe it was a virus I caught or an anti-computer disease, but I'm feeling much better and to probably a few people's shock--I'm back on the map. I thought I'd just ease back into things nice and slow and just share a few pictures. Now that can't be so hard can it?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

This "GRAMMA/GRAMPA" thing is the BEST!

I'm enjoying being a grandma so much with little Mya, and I think it's because I can slow down and enjoy the moments. I'm not in a hurry to get anything else done like I was when I was a Mom. I watch her as she learns and explores each new adventure,sight,sound and taste. I love it as she tries her first chocolate cookie or her eyes go wide at her first taste of an eggnog "creamie" ice cream. As a mom, I used to worry that it wasn't on the food list of "Things to Feed a 5 Month Old" and now I just send her home with Aubry.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Football & Fall

I love this time of year when the air turns crisp,the grass smells different, and the leaves change color. It means football season and I love it. The best part has been watching my sons play football for Pleasant Grove High School-Vikings. Win or Lose, I appreciate their hard work, dedication to their team, and the effort they put into the sport. I appreciate the time their coaches put into making them men and besides that I love to yell at the games!. Way to go McKay #66-- You're a stud.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"I've Been Tagged"

3 Favorite Last Purchases:
A. New brown sweater shrug and necklace
B. Hyacinth bulbs for next spring
C. Nikon D60 Digital Camera
3 Fears:
A. Losing My Family
B. Falling again on cement stairs and rebraking my knee
C. Jumping off high things into water.( I don't swim well and I don't like the feeling of falling.)
3 Favorite Movies:
A. Field of Dreams
B. Steel Magnolias
C. What About Bob
3 Facts about me:
A. I'm a little reserved at first, but once you get to know me I'm a lifelong friend.
B. I like to "stamp" and make cards.
C. I don't like to touch raw meat, but I'm great at eating cooked meat!
3 Thing I haven't done:
A. Finished my basement
B. Given a Book of Mormon to someone else. I'd like to do this, but it scares me a little.
C. I've never hit more than a single playing softball or baseball.
3 Thing I can't Live without:
A. The Gospel of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints
B. My husband and family
C. I know this sounds dumb, but washing my hair every day. It just doesn't work unless I do.
3 Things on today's list:
A. My first day of physical therapy
B. McKay's football game at Lone Peak
C. Starting a letter to Tyson in Brazil
3 Favorite Dishes:
A. Festive Chicken Taco Dip in the Crockpot--I can't get enough of this stuff!
B. King Crab Legs at Market Stree Grill
C. Salmon and Fresh Veggies at Outback! Yum- I'm hungry now!
3 Places I have lived:
A. Pleasant Grove- Home Sweet Home
B. Orem- right off center street
C. Lindon for a few months while we built our home
3 Favorite T.V. Shows:
A. The Office
B. Pushing Up Daisies
C. "Good Things Utah"
3 Places I have traveled:
A. Mexico
B. Fiji
C. Carribean
3 Favorite Desserts:
A. Creme Brulee
B. Raspberry Almond Torte' from Market Street
C. Ice Cream- Craig's homemade or Cold Stone
3 Things I would buy if money wasn't an issue:
A. A really great cabin somewhere close enough so it's easy to get to on a weekend, but far enough away to escape.
B. A fantastic vacation every year with my family
C. A total yard makeover with a barn, patio, water feature,play area for grand kids, BBQ, sitting area, lighting etc.
3 Wishes:
A. Live a healthy, happy long life with my hubby
B. Bless the lives of my children and grandchildren with happiness, fun, love, & wisdom
C. To have all of my children stay close as a family.
3 People I Tag:
A.Robyn B.
B.Barb C.
C.Raquel W.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting Out with the "Football" Now the "Missionary" Moms.

Lena Frampton is chauffeurring as we arrive at "Flour Girls & Dough Boys." By the way this place had some yummy stuff to eat. Save room for the desserts!!!
I've learned to look at things sideways and from the backseat!
Everyone's been so patient with me! I'm moving a little slower, but it feels SOOO good to get out!
These ladies are amazing friends! Our football playing sons brought us together during their highschool years and now all our sons are serving missions. From L to R: Sue Brady, Lena Frampton, Shelly Weber, Sally Geran, Barb Clarine, Jechelle Secretan, Suzanne Keetch(me)
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

"I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!"

It's amazing how a "little trip" (not a vacation) can change your perspective on life and give you a new appreciation for so many things. Five weeks ago on our way to the temple, my heel caught on the cement stairs going into our garage. My kneecap landed on the point of the bottom stair and snapped into three pieces. I've never been so glad to hear sirens coming to my house before in my life. Thanks to the great EMTs and morphine, I made it to the ER. Surgery followed the next day and my knee is the permanent home for five metal screws that hold things together. My wonderful doctor, Paul Ritchie, was pleased at how well the surgery went considering we discussed the possibility of wires and two follow-up surgeries. I know it was the priesthood blessing that I received before my surgery that made the difference. Keeping my leg straight and immobile for a month has been a challenge,but I've been so blessed by my family, ward family, friends and neighbors that I really feel grateful and I've learned so much from this experience.

The New Place I Hang Out

After Surgery
Speeding Along!
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